Here's What You Can Expect When You Quit


Your Mood Will Improve
People may believe taking a long drag on a cigarette can help to calm nerves. Studies suggest, however, that in the long run quitting decreases anxiety more than smoking does.

You'll Have More Locks
If you love your hair, maybe it's time to put down the cigarettes. Research has linked smoking with an increased risk for gray and thinning hair.

You'll Enjoy Food More
If you don't like bland food, smoking might not be for you. Research suggests a link between smoking and having fewer and smaller taste buds.

You Won't Catch the Flu As Easily
Smoking compromises your immune system, making it harder to fight off colds.

Adapted from:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (2004), Surgeon General’s Report (2004), WebMD (2009, 2013)